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With his words of love, your heart easily becomes softer. He knows how good you are and as the most important, he knows how much you care for and love him. You never stopped loving him, and he knows how to use that against you. You are a great person, so he comes to you over and over, and you are letting him in your life.

However, no one can love in vain forever. People get tired of toxic love or partners in their life.

Let him come to you after a breakup

And when you see his text, you would throw your phone and break it into pieces. You got to the point when you already know what he wrote in his text, and you know exactly what he will tell you if you answer his call.

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He will tell you that he is aware now of your value and he will definitely ask for another chance. Your heart is too soft to reject him. Your mind is telling you that you need to hang up, yet your heart is begging you to forgive him one more time. You start wondering if he has changed.

Want Your Ex Back? Say This to Him… - Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy

You know that it would be a mistake. You know that people like him are hardly able to change. This is not something new, this is the same man, begging the same soft-hearted girl to accept him and forgive him like the million times before. And it would not be good if you show him that he can play these games with you and your feelings.

He is taking you for granted this time, just like he did God knows how many times before. He knows very well that you are not completely over him, so he relies on that.

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You would accept him anytime he wants and you make his return easy. But you need to know when enough is enough. You are not a toy he can play with, and you need to face the fact that his intentions are not clear.

He never changed a single thing to prove you that he deserves these chances. Yet he got them easily. Your love is simply not enough. You know that if he could love you just a little bit more, you would succeed. Too intoxicating. Too addicting.


You Shouldn’t Let Him Come Back To You (Because You Know It Will Be The Same)

There were times when we sought each other out—ran to each other, even, only to push each other way with painful words and deliberately hurtful actions. It was a game we both played with each other, one that lasted way longer than it should have. I knew all along that the relationship was toxic. I knew that no matter how many times I allowed him back into my life and back into my bed, things were not going to change.

It’s Important That Your Ex Comes Back For The Right Reason(s)

It was always going to be a thing where I screamed his name in ecstasy and later cursed it in pain. He said I had a control over him that no one else did. That no matter what, he knew he would always come back, even briefly, because our connection was that strong. I took those words in and believed it meant that ultimately we would be together.

Even as I found nonmonogamy and discovered a different lifestyle for myself, somewhere in the back of my mind, I had decided that if he ever changed his mind, I would be with him and only him In the end, after hurting each other too many times for far too long, we parted ways for the last time and never looked back.

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We are Facebook friends and follow each other on Twitter and Instagram, but our interactions are few and far between, and never do we wistfully reach out to each other in misguided moments of nostalgia. I keep letting you back in How can I explain myself? You remember what was, and you hold on to what could be. They become a habit, and old habits die hard.

Why You MUST Let Him Come To You After A Break Up

As much as we want to wean ourselves off of them, the slightest hint of them can send us spiraling back into what we already know is a bad situation. We do it because we are hopeful. We want this time to be different. They exhibit the smallest amount of change, and we take that as a sign that they are committed to being better.

We repeat the cycle of hoping for the best but bracing for the worst—because ultimately, we know that it is going to end the same way it did before, and probably hurt just as much. How do we let go and stop letting them back in?

I still go through this myself. I recently let someone back in and immediately regretted it. Each time you go through it, you learn something different—but so do they, so beware. As your sense of self-awareness grows, so will your ability to counter their actions. They will have all kinds of slick moves and slick talk for you. You will fall for some of those antics again, and some of them you will recognize for what they are and push past them.

And when I try to walk away You hurt yourself to make me stay This is crazy …. The greatest piece of advice I can offer is to take time for yourself and figure out what you want. Be clear about what it is that you want. Be sure about it. Then measure him up against what it is you say you want.