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In Kenya, where the last execution was conducted in , a former beauty queen has been controversially sentenced to death for fatally stabbing her boyfriend. In Sri Lanka, President Maithripala Sirisena has vowed to end a year moratorium on capital punishment for drug smugglers, citing public demand due to rising gang violence and narcotics abuse, reports the AP. The EU and other countries have warned Sri Lanka that an end to the moratorium will prompt trade retaliation.

In Japan, the execution of seven members of a deadly cult has renewed questions about the transparency of the death penalty system, reports The Japan Times. Japan and the U. By the numbers More information. Date : 24 October Date : 17 September Date : 16 May Date : 09 April Date : 25 March The death penalty in Mali: When is abolition?

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Date : 12 June Date : 06 June Date : 01 June Abolition of the Death Penalty in Subsaharan Africa. Date : 22 April Date : 27 November Date : 20 December Date : 29 October Date : 22 September Date : 28 April Date : 08 April The Death Penalty in Congo: Raising awareness for its abolition. Date : 19 October Date : 30 June Date : 27 April Date : 23 April The Death Penalty in Niger: Raising awareness for its abolition.

Date : 13 April Date : 05 April Opinion leaders meet to discuss death penalty abolition in Niger. Date : 26 March The Church agrees.

Freedom and life may both be forfeited based upon the nature of the crimes. All life is forfeited by sin. Rebuttal to Richard Viguerie. As a rule, anti death penalty arguments are either false or the pro death penalty arguments are stronger. Richard A. Viguerie gave a detailed revew of why he opposed the death penalty. It was easily rebutted, here: Rebuttal to Richard A. Virtually all Christian denominations, biblical scholars and theologians are aware that the correct translation is some version of "thou shalt not murder". Viguerie wrote: "that Christ would oppose the killing of a human being as punishment for a crime.

Well, no. Meehan writes: "A number of persons executed in the United States were later cleared by confessions of those who had actually committed the crimes. Can you name them and provide a link for the evidence? Follow up: There is no statute of limitations for murder. Were those who confessed prosecuted? Was the executed party ies pardoned? Meehan has since added two more reasons to oppose the death penalty see footnote : 1 That the death penalty is assisted suicide; and 2 That murderers are executed despite mitigating circumstances to rebut 1 The death penalty is assisted suicide a Some of them waive appeals because they are doing the right thing, as they deserve their sanction and want to show that they accept it.

We want criminals to accept their sanctions, to show contrition and remorse.

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Very few, if any, would be found to have committed suicide. Because the sanction has been imposed upon them -- it is not their choice, except in the context that they put themselves at risk of the death penalty , because of their decision to murder, just as all criminals put themselves at risk of sanction because of their bad choices. Meehan's illogic would include removing any sanction whereby a prisoner commits suicide while in prison, likely, causing the removal of all sanctions, based upon Ms. Meehan's poor reasoning. Juries and judges weigh mitigating circumstances against aggravating factors and make the decision for death, based upon those cases wherein the mitigators are overwhelmed by the aggravators.

This is how it is intended to work.

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  8. Meehan only lists alleged mitigators, not the rebuttals to them or the aggravating factors. In other words, she only presented the defense side, which may have been completely destroyed by the prosecutor and overwhelmed by the aggravating factors. Meehan recommends: "Murderers should do productive work in prison in order to pay for their room and board and to make financial restitution to the families of their victims. I am certain that the respondents to this poll have no idea how grotesque it is. Let's say your daughter was raped and murdered.

    Her birthday? Your birthday or wedding anniversary? The day she would have graduated from high school?

    The politics of the death penalty in countries in transition

    Is there any day you would want to open that letter and hold that check from the man who raped and murdered your daughter? Think about it. From Ms. Meehan's other site, as well Ms. Executions are premeditated killings in which society actually imitates the killer. This is a common anti death penalty problem, not being able to see the obvious moral differences between the rape and murder of children a crime against an innocent victim and the execution of that rapist murderer a sanction for the guilty party.

    Anti death penalty folks equate both killings, only because they have no moral compass. They also equate kidnapping and incarceration, as they do fines and theft.

    Session Three: Religion, Politics and the Death Penalty

    Zero moral compass. Just astounding. Meehan finds: 9. There is no good way to kill someone; all of the methods are appalling. Her statement is based upon her opposing the death penalty and not much else. The only relevant case she mentions is one lethal injection case, whereby a "cut down" was required. This is a common procedure with surgeries, when a suitable surface vein cannot be found, the same procedure used in lehtal injection, when required. Lethal injection is painless. I agree with her assessment that the search for the most painless method is a bit of a bad story.

    However, I think she overlooks the constant efforts by anti death penalty activists to undermine any method of execution, by legal as well as public policy channels, inclusive of the absurd one with lethal injection, that made it all the way to the US Supreme Court. A review of the most common anti death penalty absurdities. Camus is fascinating. But, I am not sure he's the guy to listen to on the death penalty.

    Camus sees this question of suicide as a natural response to an underlying premise, namely that life is absurd in a variety of ways. As we have seen, both the presence and absence of life i. But Camus also thinks it absurd to try to know, understand, or explain the world, for he sees the attempt to gain rational knowledge as futile. But he doesn't argue for life's absurdity or attempt to explain it—he is not interested in either project, nor would such projects engage his strength as a thinker.

    Are Death Row Prisoners in the US Being Literally Tortured to Death?

    Accepting absurdity as the mood of the times, he asks above all whether and how to live in the face of it. But he does not argue this question either, and rather chooses to demonstrate the attitude towards life that would deter suicide. In other words, the main concern of the book is to sketch ways of living our lives so as to make them worth living despite their being meaningless. Leszek Syski, a Maryland antiabortion activist, says that "capital punishment is the essence of dehumanization.

    Anti abortion activists find the fetus to be profoundly human, some pro abortion folks find the fetus to be a zygote, a collection of cells. The Death Penalty: Recognizing the Humanity of the Murderer Both pro and anti death penalty folks recognize the humanity of the murderers. In fact, Christian moralist C. It is the sense of this sanctity that constrains the demand for the infliction of this penalty. The deeper our regard for life the firmer will be our hold upon the penal sanction which the violation of that sanctity merit. Gervas A. For capital punishment provides the murderer with incentive to repentance which the ordinary man does not have, that is a definite date on which he is to meet his God.

    It is as if God thus providentially granted him a special inducement to repentance out of consideration of the enormity of his crime. Even divine justice here may be said to be tempered with mercy.

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    5. Robert Ingram, ed. Thomas Press, Houston, , Indeed, this is the reason why scripture and Christian tradition have upheld it, a fact which suggests that, if anything, it may be the abolition of capital punishment which threatens to cheapen life, not its retention. There is no greater legal due process than with the US death penalty, what the US Supreme Court calls super due process, only present because of our reverence for the human condition.

      To punish with death, each one of the 12 jurors must agree with the prosecution in each of five specific areas 2. If convicted and sentenced to death,some inmates may then begin an appeals process that could extend through 23 years, 60 appeals and over individual judicial and executive reviews of the inmates claims.

      The average time on death row for those executed from was over 10 years. Gee, Dudley, you have me wondering what feeds your zeal to kill and defend that killing? A sense of justice, fairness? Or is it an ideology? What if it were your child who was condemned to die, yet who had not killed anyone himself? I know several cases, men children, really who are convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to die see the felony murder rule even though they neither killed anyone nor had an intention to kill. Essentially, most were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is this fair? If you respond to this, I would appreciate it if you would speak from your own life experience and not refer me to other sites.

      Dudley Sharp.

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      Beth: Thank you for the inquiry. I thought it was clear by my responses. To be more clear: Anti death penalty arguments are either false or the pro death penalty arguments are stronger. That should have been obvious in every response.