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Thirteen stories of dystopia and panic!

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Our eBooks are offered in pdf, kindle, ePub formats as well as others. Enjoy free Rika du Plessis Omnibus 10 Afrikaans Edition eBooks Including whole books as well as preview chapters from leading publishers. This panel aims to explore, especially through the analysis of selected case studies, the importance of periodical press in North America for the mapping of the multi-faceted process of Americanization of the Italian communities between and Topics may include, but are not limited to:. Brera uu. Pierno utoronto. Anche a livello accademico fioriscono i lavori dedicati a Sorrentino e alla sua produzione, tanto da farne ormai uno snodo fondamentale e imprescindibile nella storia del cinema italiano contemporaneo.

In questa sessione ci si propone di analizzare i lavori cinematografici corto- e lungometraggi , televisivi e letterari di Paolo Sorrentino, mettendo in evidenza le caratteristiche salienti, gli intrecci, i temi e i personaggi ricorrenti, alla luce delle relative fonti di ispirazione: Federico Fellini, certo, ma non solo. Digital Humanities. Metodologie, progetti, applicazioni. Negli ultimi anni stiamo assistendo, su scala internazionale, a un tumultuoso sviluppo delle Digital Humanities, che sembrano offrire alla ricerca vantaggi notevolissimi, spesso preclusi alle metodologie tradizionali.

Come si stanno rapportando gli studi di italianistica con queste innovazioni tecnologiche e metodologiche?

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  • Nuovi progetti digitali stanno proliferando anche nel settore degli Italian Studies e il panel vuole accogliere comunicazioni inerenti a piani di edizioni digitali in corso e casi singoli di studio , presentazione di gruppi di lavoro impegnati in processi di digitalizzazione o in esperienze di applicazione delle nuove tecnologie, collaborazioni volte al confronto di metodi e realizzazioni digitali per procedere nella conoscenza e nella risoluzione comune di problemi generali.

    Si vuole in questo modo aprire un tavolo di confronto volto a fare il punto sugli sviluppi e sulle prospettive future della disciplina. Si prega di inviare un abstract di circa parole, corredato di un breve profilo biografico circa parole a Andrea Penso andrea. The term stasis has a broad meaning in defining moments, events, or periods as motionlessness, stillness. In the last few years stasis in medieval culture has been a topic in discussing the Middle Ages as an age of repetition and stagnation.

    The term, however, can also be defined as balance and stability. Can there be progress and stability during periods of stagnation in political, religious, and artistic culture? In addition, the term stasis or staseis in the plural is the process of identifying the issue in a dispute and of finding arguments to contend with those issues in classical rhetoric, known as the stasis system. Stasis takes on a meaning of standing, stance in rhetoric or struggle and a stopping point in judicial cases, producing legal literature.

    This panel seeks to discuss stasis as a struggle and to consider the resistance of stasis in medieval culture and even the binaries of stasis and movement by Italian authors writing in Latin or vernacular in various genres such as the sonnet and other poetic forms, prose, epic, romance, legal and political writings, hagiography in addition to other genres.

    Some topics can include, for instance, death, sex, meditation, contemplation, invention, memory, carpe diem, movement in transport and technology, momentum and inertia, non-violence and passivity as resistance, stasis as a rhetorical device, stasis as balance and reciprocity, equilibrium , prayer and mysticism as idle or active opposing stasis as stillness , and other issues in medieval culture.

    Sebastiano Bazzichetto, University of Toronto. Si prega di inviare eventuali proposte, in italiano, inglese o francese abstract di circa parole e breve biografia entro il 31 gennaio a sebastiano. Landscape and Nationalism in Italy. In Masses and Man: Nationalist and Fascist Perceptions of Reality , George Mosse explains the function of nature in the context of a rapidly industrializing and urbanizing Europe, where the population was struggling to become accustomed to these unprecedented changes, due to the speed at which they were occurring.

    The native landscape with its flowers, woods and mountains stood outside the rush of time and the nervousness of the age. The quest for nature was linked to the quest for history- the appropriation of a classical, medieval or Renaissance past- which took place not only in nationalist ideology but also in the private lives and tastes of the bourgeoisie' 2. Please send a words abstract to elena. Pirandello e la crisi della comunicazione. Giuliana Sanguinetti Katz, University of Toronto.

    nttsystem.xsrv.jp/libraries/52/sik-smartphone-orten.php La sfiducia nel valore delle parole conduce inevitabilmente al silenzio. The nonverbal dimensions of language acquisition and pedagogy. This panel welcomes contributions that address language acquisition and learning by including the nonverbal dimensions that participate in the process of developing language knowledge. Participants may address the topic from an acquisitional point of view or a pedagogical perspective.

    Topics can range from the relationship that speech establishes with movements such as gestures in the realization of meaning to the use of images that facilitate understanding in language classes. Special attention is given to Italian as a second or foreign language. Please send your abstract and a short biography to Giuliana Salvato at gsalvato uwindsor. Italian Modernism. The introduction, in recent years, of modernism into Italian literary criticism has opened up a renewed debate on the meaning, shape and functions of this notoriously slippery term. This session aims at continuing this reflection.

    Please, send a word abstract and a brief biographical note to Luca Somigli at luca. Italian Apocalypse. Nowadays more than ever, but in fact continuously for the past six decades, short stories, novels, movies, and of course television shows have been dealing with the aftermath of the end of the world. Post-apocalyptic fiction is today coming back to the foreground, and in this context Italy has a voice of its own. Behind the triviality of zombie-populated wastelands and asteroid-broken planets lies a complex and fascinating discourse on generational changes and linguistic transformation, which is certainly not detached from its historical context and which is very much linked to social dreads and collective anxieties.

    This session is meant to gather papers regarding the metaphor of the apocalypse employed in Italian literature and cinema, but also in Italian music, art and dance. Please send a words abstract to alberto.