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Albert Andreatta, while he counselled her and husband Alfred through a troubled patch in their marriage. The young girl absorbed the news: Alfred Zopf, whom she thought was her dad, died when she was 8. Now Zopf had a new dad. A secret one. She was shattered.

She, her mother and a trusted school friend drove to Surrey, B. She learned that Alfred Zopf had a vasectomy years before her birth; he knew Andreatta fathered the baby girl. After Alfred Zopf died, Andreatta never offered the family support. Not a single Christmas card was sent, recalls Susan.

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Shame on him. Shame on the church. Andreatta, an American who died in , belonged to the Salesians of Don Bosco, a religious order with a chapter in San Francisco. Ted Montemayor, until this March. Zopf says Catholic dioceses and religious orders need to go beyond offering apologies and free counselling and take strong action to provide for mothers and their children.

She wants priests who become fathers to be made to fulfil their parental responsibilities, whether they remain priests or not. She was 18, and reluctantly gave him up for adoption. One night, Rev. Armand Therrien pulled her into his room. He said if you scream the other priest will hear. I immediately felt guilty. The Quiet Revolution that would shake off the dominance of the Catholic Church in Quebec society had yet to leave its mark.

She kept her sexual assault a secret and continued working at the presbytery. She would see her son again 30 years after the adoption, after a determined search. His life had been difficult, troubled by alcohol and drug abuse. In , she approached the Archdiocese of Quebec and requested damages. When it refused, she went to police, and Therrien was charged with rape and gross indecency.

Therrien died days before his trial.

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The moral wound remains painful. The pregnancy, the birth of the baby and the forced consent to adoption followed. The claimant suffered a grave injustice, regardless of how the first sexual relation occurred. She had a clear right to reparation of the damage. The Court of Appeal arrived at the same decision in Her case encouraged others who were sexually abused by priests to come forward.

In , she co-founded what is now called the Committee for Victims of Priests. Partly due to her case, Quebec changed the statute of limitations for civil suits in sexual assaults to 30 years. The pipe-smoking priest with the heavy Dutch accent stood at the hospital window, cradling his newborn daughter, Michelle, in his arms. Charles Van Item struggled with a decision.

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It went on for years until I found out. Gerard had met Van Item when both were students at a seminary in Toronto. Joanne was training to become a nun. Gerard and Joanne met at a social event, fell in love and walked away from their religious studies to get married. Raftis, at 13, discovered the truth about her biological father from a family friend who blurted it out at a restaurant dinner with a small group. By then, the Johnstons had separated. Both are now deceased. You can never have a father-daughter relationship with him.

You just have to go on your merry old way.

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