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As told by his grandson Michael Reid, a teacher in Liverpool, Patrick somehow escaped and eluded the surrounding British army and made his way to the docks. Margaret Nowlan and her carpenter husband Tom remember the time when Tom was shot in the head by the Black and Tans.

The Easter Rising: when Ireland went to war

As told by their granddaughter Paula Webb Stainton, a music curator in Cambridge, Tom was walking from their home in Pearse Street when a lorry full of the Black and Tans pulled up and started shooting. Though Tom was hit in the head he survived. Paula recalls another moment when Tom was lucky not to have been killed. It certainly was an anxious time for them as when they moved to Leeson Street their home was riddled with bullets. She ended up marrying one of them.

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He then moved to Portlaoise with his family before the Easter Rising to work as a journalist for the Nationalist. On Easter Sunday, Michael and other Laois Volunteers were tasked with destroying part of the Abbeyleix-Portlaoise railway line to stop British military reinforcements from reaching Dublin. It was also during this operation when the first shot of the insurrection was fired.

Easter Rising

A media professional in London, Sheridan says very little about the events of is discussed in his family. His earliest memory is visiting Michael in internment as a child. He understood that Britain brought many positive aspects to Irish life. Architecture, education, and the railway network.

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Yet he had an intellectual grasp of Irish language and Irish literature. However, as a republican and dedicated Christian, even he maintained that the fighting was a high price to pay for independence. Not everyone who took part in the Easter Rising held a combatant role. At the time he had a young daughter, Olive, who remembers being surrounded by a lot of noise. Pat Martin, who works in IT support in Reading, says one of the first memories of her grandmother, Olive de Winter Smith, was being covered on the floor by her nanny during a spraying of bullets.

The People of the Easter Rising | The Irish Times

It was very hot. In what must have been a terrifying time for a child, Olive remembers the presence of snipers. Among these are secret communications, witness statements and 25, search and raid reports In this essential webinar, Irish genealogy expert Brian Donovan presents Findmypast's unrivalled collection of Irish records, offering tips, tricks and insights into what makes it the biggest and best online.

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