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Subscribe to our Newsletter Stay Connected. We think your country is: Finland Change Country. It came as no great shock to me that as far as disunity and infighting is concerned that it can be a great advantage. It can actually win an election for you. You could even conclude that Scott Morrison actually managed to erase the past with one of those miracles he believes in. Did performance even matter? Who knows we might even see a few ex PMs raised from the dead. Scott tells us that Hell exists, as do miracles and he plans to look after religious freedoms.

James J Turner – How Could We Be Wrong?

Another miracle. There were so many things that made this election very special, even weird. For example, scare campaigns do actually work. This election proves it.

There were so many of them from the conservatives that at least a few had too. Death taxes. The greatest controversy in this result is undoubtedly how the pollsters could be so far out and for such a length of time. The National Party learnt a thing or two. Mostly they have learned that doing nothing for six years has its rewards and they can go back to sleep now. Doing nothing guarantees success in the bush.

Coincidently they are the most scare-able. But gender still matters, does it not.

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I have left until almost last the Bill Shorten factor and it may be fair to say that he bit off more than he could chew. These and others are the issues we have to carefully way up before judging the miracle that has occurred. All in all, there is no mandate for the coalition to do anything but govern. Altogether it has been rather disappointing for progressive Australians like myself and those who read my work.

Power will still be in the hands of the wealthy elite yes class exists until such time as the people grow some guts and stop being so bloody scared. All Labor ideas which have fallen to Liberal governments to figure how to pay for them, and implement them. I just think Australians are more conservative than you think, especially when it comes to how government spends our money. The elite, it is a systemic problem in both our countries and every other western nation, just like the lethargy suffered by their citizens.

Will we ever stand ups to them? Have hope comrade, a Labor government returned after the betrayal of Whitlam who established the post WWII government of the people. This was planned in the Report of the Club of Rome. Political ineptitude creating economic parasitism at its worst.

Local polling showed that Barnyard was preferred because his lack of moral values aligned with the personal values of the voters. Like you John, I expected Labor to win comfortably and was shocked at the result. I believe that the constant barrage of negative lies from the coalition and their supporters was the main factor behind their win.

This government being voted back in makes me even more suicidal. I cant consistantly hold down a job and look after my family financially having a mental illness. This whole process is pushing me even further into a dark abyss. And to add fuel to the fire, we have to move again for the 6th time in 7 years so not having that stability of a home just makes things worse. Another contributing factor was Palmer who spent record amount, he had posters, 2 page adds in papers and paid people to attend pre and poling booths in QLD.

Trinere - How Can We Be Wrong

What will he ask for in return? LNP also got preferences from Pauline. Queensland is indeed a strange place. The seat of Herbert around Townsville was held by Labor with a margin of 37 votes in the election, largely as a result of One Nation preferences. Prior to that it had been a Liberal seat since The coalition saw their opportunity to capitalise and in a clever strategy identified the army vote as being the catalyst for change.

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So they cottoned on to former soldier Phillip Thompson who had served in Afghanistan, been a Queensland Young Australian of the Year and in all respects fitted the bill to bring Herbert back to the LNP. The only problem was that, as happened frequently during this election run-up, social media caught up with him and a facebook post became public. There had been protests in Sydney in response to a film portraying the prophet Mohammed as a paedophile.

Incoherent and perhaps unbalanced and by Liberal party standards enough to have him disendorsed but we are dealing with the Queensland LNP who are not opposed to a bit of racism and Muslim bashing from time to time. Other Liberal candidates had been dumped for similar offences, notably Tasmanian Liberal Party candidate Jessica Whelan who resigned after making anti-Muslim comments on social media and Victorian Liberal Jeremy Hearn who was dumped from the seat of Isaacs over a conspiracy-laden anti-Muslim rant.

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But this is Queensland so, he apologised and remained the endorsed candidate and the army vote out at Lavarack in all probability got him over the line to take the seat back from Labor. In fact it is an enhanced version of TalkBack radio. And we perhaps foolishly discounted the unpopularity of the Labor Leader in the belief that the policies would ensure success. How could we be so wrong? But it was a campaign of lies —delivered in catchy one-liners — about those policies, and repeated ad nauseum by Morrison, the Murdoch media scum and the bottom feeder Palmer that ultimately did it for a Labor.

The hurdle of fear, swallowed by a gullible public to mix a metaphor was too big for Labor to surmount. A sad time for Australia. Clearly this election was bout mining and the jobs involved. The elderly tend to vote conservative. They probably believe if Labor goes after franking credits what is next for them. It is hard for us to fathom, here in Victoria as we are undoubtedly the most progressive state and Queensland is undeniably the most regressive.

I mean Clive Palmer has more dinosaurs than the animatronic ones in Qld. Sadly, regardless of his negotiating wisdom, people cannot see him as PM. Keeping the promise of Australia. Religious freedom. The wealthy losing their incomes. Hospitality workers ripping off their bosses with penalty rates. God charging us for wind and solar. For more information about the misheard lyrics available on this site, please read our FAQ. Please use the link next to each misheard lyric to suggest a correction. We do our best to review entries as they come in, but we can't possibly know every lyric to every song.

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