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He served for 37 years as a teacher of Mathematics, 10 years as a pastoral head of year and for 15 as the head of a mathematics department. He also took on the role of school bursar as additional duties from He retired as a teacher in to start a new career as School Business Manager at the same school, a position which he still holds. He started to write as a form of relaxation from work. Convert currency.

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Add to Basket. Condition: New. New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ More information about this seller Contact this seller. Language: English. For students of privilege I can use our shared cultural experience as an illustrative example of how inequality is created.

Navigating the Dialectic of Privilege and Oppression

When I tell my students how I mindlessly hurt someone with my own prejudice I can role model how to grapple with and acknowledge privilege. For all of my students I can be an example of someone who stands up for social justice and does not tolerate intolerance. I can show them that no one is inoculated from being prejudice, discriminating, or holding biases. I can stand before them not as a savior with all the right answers, but a fallible educator with some of the right questions.

The oppressed and exploited are not responsible for ending oppression and exploitation. They are inextricably linked to it and certainly most affected by it, but it is not their responsibility to mitigate it. As an individual who begrudgingly benefits from exploitation and oppression I am obligated to work to end it. If you believe for one second that you benefit because of your social position regardless if you seek it out or not and you believe in social justice, then you either feel obligated to do something about it or you feel cognitive dissonance.

These classes on race, gender, sexuality, and inequality are tough classes for any teacher. Subsequently this makes the tenure process, for which course evaluations are a component, more changeling for anyone who teaches them. Teaching inequality from a place of privilege requires me to be constantly reevaluating my world view, how I structure my class, and how I interact with students. Privilege is often automatically extended to the privileged.

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Bias emerges not from consciousness, but from being unconscious about how your world view is slanted. To understand your privilege and how you benefit from it you have to think outside of yourself.

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What Is Privilege?

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